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Saturday Weigh In

This morning I got on the scale and I weight 168. Lost have a pound without really trying, so that's good. One thing I did do is I filled the freezer with meatless meals, so at least I was eating semi-vegitarian this past week. Maybe that made a difference, because I sure didn't go for any walks! Speaking of walking, it looks like I'll be turning in my walking shoes and running around barefoot now. After more that 3 weeks and only 3 days hitting the pavement, I've decided to listen to the intuitives who tell me to dance, Dance, DANCE!

So I'll be dusting off my collection of Bellydancing workouts and putting on my jingle scarves again...at long last.
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Holding Steady

Another week went by without me getting out for a walk. It's pretty sad really, because the weather has been beautiful. So my weight on the scale is 168.5 again, at least I haven't gained. Tonight I'm having dinner with my dear David, and so that means he's cooking dinner. I requested vegetarian, and he was talking about doing some sort of dish that is normally done with hamburger and we would use a substitute. Nope, that's not what I was after.

I want something with lots of vegetables and a natural source of protein that isn't a meat substitute. So we'll be having soup from one of his favorite co-ops. He noticed that they have vegetarian cooking classes there, so it's definitely something I want to check out.
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Thursday weigh-in...not so good

Ok, I'll be honest with you. I actually got on the scale last night and it told me I weighed 171.5, which is 5.5 pounds more than last week. But you're not supposed to weigh yourself at night. So I tried again this morning and it said I weigh 168.5 which is where I started three weeks ago. Cheeseburgers. I had a weakness for cheeseburgers this week. That and the only walking I did was at the Renaissance Festival. Looks like I have to get my but out of bed and really start walking in the mornings. No time today though. Shoot.
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Walking the Renaissance

Well today we are off to the Minnesota Renaissance festival! There will be plenty of walking done there, so I'll count this as my daily walk. This past week I didn't do too well with the walking bit. There was OT at work, but not really just extra hours since Monday was a paid holiday. Now it's going to be an action packed weekend filled with family fun.

The Ren Fest trip will be with my dear David, his sister Lynn, and his stepsister Nancy. It should be all kinds of fun. I haven't been back since I shut down my booth two years ago. The space I rented from Sarah has been completely remodeled and is now a leather shop I'm told. I want to see what they managed to do with it. I will be going as a patron, not even a playtron, just mundane clothing for me. I want to be comfortable while I walk around out there!

Oh, and I did want to mention that I had three vegetarian lunches this week. The third was unexpected, because it had chicken in it. I just didn't like the look of the frozen chunks so I picked them out and just ate the veggies and the noodles.
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Well it's a day late, but I did get on the scale today. My NEW weight is 166 lbs! That's down by 1.5 from last week for a total loss of 2.5, a healthy gradual weightloss is what I'm after. I didn't come by it walking in the mornings, because I haven't been walking, but I have been in motion. The motion of scraping off wallpaper, painting, and now I'm doing venetian plaster. That's right I've been re-decorating the kitchen eating nook!

I have had a solid habit of eating in front of the television. This makes the carpeting in front of the couch dirty, and it's just a terrible habit. I am not honoring my body this way. So on Saturday we purchased a new kitchen table and chairs. The old one, which was too tiny, and the bakers rack, were sold for a pittance in our Garage Sale. It was 2 ft by 2 ft top, and there wasn't room for two people to sit there.

Now I'm creating a lovely eating nook with lots of character and a warm red wall that goes with the living room color. Having a place to actually DINE will make researching and cooking all those Semi-vegetarian foods feel alot better. It makes me happy and David just lets me do whatever I want to do with the house visually. It's good to be an artist sometimes!
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Second Week Weigh In

So I stumbled out of bed to the scale. I'm not expecting much movement in weight as I only went walking two days in the past week. Here is the result: September 2nd 2009 I weigh 167.5.

Woohoo! I'm down a pound!! That's very good news. :)

Over the weekend we had a garage sale, and we had friends bring their stuff as well. This included a book called "The Gradual Vegetarian" which has some ideas about how you can look at your eating habits and make the change gradually. This makes perfect sense to me, and since it was only $.25 it is now in my collection and I've started reading it.

Deep down I know I should become a vegetarian. If only steak didn't taste so good! But I'll give it a try, because it's better for my body, better for the environment, and I intend to do it gradually to allow habits to change permanently.

Now I need to get off my but and go for my morning walk, so far so good!
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It's 8:09 and it's raining. Since I don't have a waterproof jacket of any kind, I'm sitting inside this morning. I have a big weekend Garage Sale to sit at all day Saturday and Sunday too. So tonight, more time will be spent going through boxes and pricing stuff. I have four boxes of stuff already done that I did on Wednesday, but that's barely enough to make a dent.

But the weather should be nicer so I'll have no excuse, I'll be getting up and doing my morning walk before sitting all day in the driveway.


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Reluctantly Up at 7:10

Last night, wisely I might add, I laid out the clothing and shoes that I would need to go walking in the morning. It was all I could do not to go online after my nightly meditation and waste away a couple of hours, but go directly to bed. I was aiming for 11 p.m. and landed at 11:07. Naturally my mind was racing with lots of ideas and things, but it really is much better this way.

So when the alarm went off at 7:00 and I hit the snooze, I knew that it was up to me and me alone to drag myself out of bed, put on my walking cloths, and hit the pavement. I stumbled to the bathroom, and peeking out the window saw the sun streaming through the leaves creating a long, lean dappled patch on the backyard. Yup a beautiful morning was unfolding and I, I had an appointment with it.

Walking cloths and shoes donned, I emerged our little aqua colored house to take out the garbage and recycling and go for my walk. Not too cool, not too warm, the weather was just right as I stepped out onto the street and headed North. Since it's my first time out, it really was more of a meander, and I had my hands in the pockets of my pink & white Namaste hoodie for most of the first block. As I was walking I spotted a metal horse head on the corner of a chain link fence that I'd never noticed before, and going down the next block a greenman face on the side of a tree stuck it's tongue out at me. Nothing supernatural, just an artistic addition by an avid gardener. On the return journey I noticed the slight haze in the air, softening the bushes lining the end of a short dead end street.

Ah morning! How beautiful. Coffee is under construction, 3 parts decaf/2 parts caffinated. Next week I plan to switch to green tea in the mornings. But one hurdle at a time.
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My First Wednesday Weigh In

I am inspired by my friend Hillary, who has lost weight using a concept known as the no-crap diet. Basically eating real food, not processed food, and stepping up her activities. So far she's lost 21 pounds and has been using her facebook friends for support and accountability. Since this livejournal account hasn't been getting used, I decided to use it to record my journey.

Now I'm accountable, at least once a week, to report in with my weight. So today, August 26th, 2009, I weigh 168.5 lbs.

It's a start. The other thing I will be starting is walking every day. I don't have time this morning, because I have to go to work, so I guess I'll be walking this evening. I love to walk, so hopefully I'll keep it up. Walking lets me think about things, clears my mind, and lets me get to know the neighborhood better. I might update this during the week, but I will definitely be back next Wednesday for the weigh in.

Wish me luck!
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A Black Cat Named Spot

OK, this one is a funny one. I was looking on YouTube for some more basic information on how to play an autoharp. I just caught the bug and I'm saving for an Autoharp of my own, and I'm just keeping the juices flowing until I can get my hands on one and take classes. So I came across a series of videos by Terwilliger Jones, and this is one on how to pinch pluck:

Every step I take toward this instrument is filled with wonder and delight, and thanks to Terwilliger Jones some laughter too.
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